Mu'minobod. Valley of Forty Girls

Nature is the main attractions of Tajikistan and no one can stay indifferent of it. They are emerald lakes of Fan Mountains, scenic national parks, healing hot springs and others.

Childuhtaron Valley located in the south of Tajikistan is also interesting place to visit. Its main attraction is unusual pyramid-shaped rocks. They proudly rise above the valley, reminding proud slender girls. The height of the rocks is more than 60 meters.


Childuhtaron Valley translated as Valley of Forty girls and there’s interesting legend about it. According to it, 40 towering over the valley rocks were once beautiful and charming girls. But one day valley was captured by invaders and girls were taken as concubines.  Girls prayed and asked Allah to turn them into silent stones. From that time we can see these beautiful pyramid-shaped rocks here.

There’s another legend about this place. Rocks appeared here after a fierce battle with Genghis Khan. 40 young riders defending their land barred the way to Genghis Khan.  But forces were unequal and all riders died in battle. On their place raised huge rocks that still adorning the valley.


Local traditions 

Every spring in memory of their dead sisters local girls adorn boulders with flowers and beautiful ribbons. This tradition appeared independently and is held every spring, when the valley awakes from winter and covered with greenery and flowers.

Being in Tajikistan don’t miss the opportunity to visit the valley of Forty Girls, which is especially picturesque and attractive in the spring season.