Tajik American or American Comro! You mean, dear friends, a video essay about a young man born in California, USA, whose love and affection for Tajiks, Tajik culture, music, national cuisine, customs and traditions, and the colorful history of the Tajik nation in general is endless! The charm of Tajik letters and syllables, words and parables, poems and ghazals and milk is Tajik sugar!

Darvoz District (RussianДарвазский районTajikНоҳияи Дарвоз Nohiyai Darvoz) is a district in Tajikistan, located at the extreme north-west of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. It borders on Afghanistan to the south, along the Panj, and within Tajikistan on Khatlon Region to the west and on the Districts of Republican Subordination to the north. Its administrative capital is Qal'ai Khumb. The population of Darvoz district is 24,000 (1 January 2020 estimate).[1] The district was historically part of the Darvaz principality, a semi-independent statelet ruled by a mir.