Female decorated dress of Chakan is one kind of Tajik people's embroidery chain stitches seamstresses'.

As a matter of fact Tajik dressmakers stitch this sort of female decorated dress on the white colored silk with specific red, green and yellow paints. The word "Chakan" is dated back to ancient centuries. At first, pictures of floral ornaments, different designs of flowers, leaves, Sun, Moon and Stars were engraved on wood, iron ore, leather, invaluable stones and earthenware dishes since ancient days. Even you can meet the "Chakan" terms in the Slavonic language with the structure of "chekanka and chekanit", which means to design the floral ornaments on wood and cloth. In the old days the stitching of chakan was used from karabos, "the handicraft cotton cloth". During architectural research, the body of a seven years old girl was discovered from a grave in the Southern part of Tajikistan, where she had on a chakan dress with pictures of Lifetree, and branches in pair with two nightingales in the 70 years of last century.